​​Eyebrow Microblading Certification Training in 2021!

Contact Kari for Details 407.900.7050 or Kari@SkinKari.com


You must contact Kari via email at Kari@SkinKari.com to reserve your seat for your chosen date and you will be sent your welcome email with everything you will need to get started prior to training. This way you're ready to start working on clients immediately! Your deposit of just $500 must be made in order to secure your seat for training. Classes are small for more individual learning. Class starts promptly at 10 AM and ends around 5 PM. If you are late, you will not be allowed in. No Exceptions. Please manage your time efficiently as we are all on tight schedules and it is not fair to hold everyone else up.

This will be a hands on training course covering everything you will need to know to start your business or add to an existing business for increased revenue! This is a Full day of training. I will cover the basic fundamentals of color theory, how to measure each individual face structure for the perfect brows, contraindications to microblading, how to prepare for all licensing, permits and inspections. As well as health, safety and sanitation procedures per the Department of Health. How to properly choose pigments for clients, including corrective colors and shading techniques. More detailed information will be included in your confirmation email once your deposit has been received.

​The Microblading Certification Course is $1,350. You will get all the tools you will need to start your new business!


​- 6 Disposable Microblading Pens

*($550 a client x 6 = $3,300. You've already paid for training and made a profit!)

​- Fibonacci Golden Means Caliper measuring tool

​- Pigment rings

​- Practice Skins

​- Most Popular Microblading Pigments x 3

- Skin-Kari Manual

​- Skin-Kari Tote Bag

​- Skin-Kari Organic Healing ointment (Post Care)

Please note: It is your responsibility to contact your Department of Health for your county pertaining to fees as each county is different. If you do not currently have a FL Tattoo Artist License prior to class, you will only be allowed to work on practice skins. Those with a current FL Tattoo Artist license may work on their live model during training. *I reserve the right to refuse one working on their live model based off students performance.

2018 Microblading Certification Dates

MAY 28th 

JULY 9th

​AUGUST 13th

Skin-Kari Fibonacci Calipers  $49.99

Skin-Kari Tote Bag(14.5" x 16")   $9.99

Microdermabrasion & Chemical Peel Certification

Skin-Kari Organic Healing Ointment​ post Eyebrow Microblading

​             3 gram jar - Retail Size $4               10 gram jar - Professional Size $12

~   While the seminar was incredibly in depth, Kari had an amazing ability to explain the information with her personal stories and        experiences.  I took the class with not an ounce of knowledge on Microdermabrasion nor Chemical Peels.  After the class I am now prepared  to bring these services into my practice. 

   - Katelyn W.

~   I had a great experience and was very happy that you held the class.  I also enjoyed the hands on opportunity and actually got some nice  results for such a light peel.  This was a better result for me than the 6 glycolic series I had just had from my esthetician.  I never got rough and  peeled and felt that I wasted a lot of money.  Knowledge is power so now I will do my own which I have been doing weekly and have had no  adverse reactions.  I have learned where my most sensitive areas are and how to control the time and amount of acid in those areas.

    - Joy F.

~   I really enjoyed the seminar and found you to be VERY knowledgeable.  I trusted you completely when doing the micropeel.

    -  Nicole C.

~   I felt the class was good and informative.

    -  Lauren W.

~  Your knowledge of the subject was excellent which shows your understanding of chemical reaction. 

    -  Darlene S.

Providing Quality Training for Skin Care Professionals

The workshop will be taught by myself, Kari Stoppenbach, a Medical Aesthetician practicing in Central Florida for seventeen years.  I received my Associates of Science Degree in Health, concentration in Therapeutic Massage and Skin Care from Florida College of Natural Health and have also completed my 320 hours in Electrology in 2009.  I have been an Esthetics Manager and Trainer since 2003 and am also the owner / developer of Skin-Kari Minerals.  I am also the proud owner of Skin-Kari Organic Skin Care.

Micro-Peel Certification

The peel seminar is incredibly in depth.  I'll be going over Glycolic, Lactic, Salicylic, Jessners, TCA and even phenols.

Great for those who feel they don't have enough knowledge or experience to apply this lucrative service to their business.

This Hands On Workshop will teach you how to properly analyze the skin and prepare it prior to a Microdermabrasion or Chemical Peel, contraindications to both, the difference between crystal and crystal-free micro, proper after care and then apply this knowledge to perform one!

I will also be going over Ultra Sound Therapy and how to incorporate it into your business for maximum results and better client retention.  We will also discuss every acid available for each peel in detail so that no matter which line you choose to use you will feel knowledgeable in your profession and confident in the results.

The fact is, the state of Florida requires the least amount of hours in the United States (260 hrs) to become a licensed Facial Specialist.  This is something that we have been trying to increase for many years. Most institutes will show you what you need to pass, but don't prepare you for the real industry and common procedures.  Almost every Day Spa in Florida offers these services to their clients.  Don't just rely on an institute to train you.  

When you are applying a corrosive chemical to a patients face, to essentially burn the epidermal layer off, don't you want to know EVERYTHING you possibly can to achieve the best results?

Increase Your Knowlege and Training Today!

Chemical Peel Seminar is from 11-3 PM for $395

Micro Dermabrasion & Ultra Sound Therapy  is from 3-7 PM 


(Attend Both for Only $850)

(*Pricing is for Orlando locations only. Please contact me for other locations.*)

Seating is limited, so the only way to reserve your seat is with prepayment of deposit.

50% deposit is required to hold your seat.



*As per the DBPR, this certification is no different than PCA Skin, Image or any other company offering training.  Difference is, they train you in THEIR products only.

This course does not currently offer CEUs towards license renewal. You will receive your hours through INFORMED or ELITE packets sent bi annually for renewal.

*All certifications are submitted through SKIN-KARI LLC.

*72 hours cancellation required or you forfeit your deposit.